Product Line Options


side curtains

Great for both warm and cold weather ventilation
Durable curtain fabric
Discourage small rodent nesting
Can be thermostatically controlled

Dairy barns, poultry housing, hog barns, riding arenas, green houses, flea markets, warehouses, pavillions, composting and much more!!




These unique vents can be custom installed to meet your specific needs. The vents close in the winter time to keep the cold air out and open in the summer time keep your building nicely ventilated.

All door sizes are are custom crafted to your specifications. We offer both overhead doors and main entrance doors and we will do what best fits your needs.



WINDOWS: Windows provide even more natural lighting and makes your building look even more attractive.


wooden post Construction

concrete wall Construction

WOODEN POST CONSTRUCTION: This sidewall configuration is for a free stall barn, to let your cows roam comfortably or to enclose with sidewalls made with sheet metal and customize your building sidewall with almost any color.

CONCRETE WALL CONSTRUCTION:  Poured wall, Big Boy Block, Jersey Road Barrier. The trusses get mounted on with custom made brackets to the wall, then the cover gets attached with 2 " webbing and ratchets go around the galvanized tube and gets fastened to the wall.


I-Beam Construction


I BEAM CONSTRUCTION: This option is most often found in Dairy Barns due to the fact they are very durable and give you a lot of side clearance with no wasted space.


How to measure for a yoderway custom cover

1. Measure from the back to the front of the frame. 2. Measure up and over the arch.


3. The up and over length times the length equals the square footage needed for a custom cover. 4. Measure the truss at its highest peak and width across the bottom for end panels.


5. Measure the diameter of the pipe. 6. Provide measurement of each truss, center to center.

Engineering Designs: Every Yoderway building is engineered down to last bolt. These buildings will last you a lifetime!

Standard Features

  • 30', 42', 50', and 65' widths

  • Standard lengths are in 12' increments. Custom lengths available on request.

  • 12.5 oz. NovaShield II™ fabric covers

  • Wheatland Tube® structural steel tubing

  • Made in the USA

Steel Tubing that Outperforms and Outlasts

Wheatland Tube® is a American made rust and corrosion resistant product protection that has demonstrated to be the best over the long haul versus all competitive product offerings.

about Novashield ii™

Designed to meet the industry’s highest standards, NovaShield II™ with ArmorKote™ polyethylene membrane structure fabric doesn’t disappoint. The patented weave produces impressive strength-to-weight ratios and its lighter weight makes for easier, faster, money-saving installations. NovaShield II™ features excellent physical properties, wider widths and less fading than comparable products.NovaShield II™ is the superior alternative to PVC.

ECP leads the industry with the most diversified product line of woven coated fabrics in North America. ECP produces a variety of woven fabrics, bags and flexible intermediate bulk containers, designed for specific end use applications. Our vertically integrated production allows ECP to control every facet of the process from tape production and weaving to final conversion and distribution. Our fabrics can be customized to meet many specialized needs. Together with our customers, ECP routinely discovers new applications for woven coated fabrics, and provides superior alternatives to PVC and other barrier products. The NovaShield II™ with ArmorKote™ benefits include: lighter weight, exceptional tear strength, no chlorine, no plasticizers, no odor, wider widths, and less fading.


What You Won’t Find in NovaShield II™:
• Odor from plasticizers
• Hazardous chlorine
• PVC structures require solvents for cleaning. All you need is soap and water to clean NovaShield II™.

Featuring Patented Weave NovaShield II™’s exclusive double-stacked scrim is a unique weave design offering strength and durability that our competitors don’t have. NovaShield II™ is woven from high-density polyethylene slit tapes and coated both sides with low density polyethylene. In the FRU 4 mil and 6 mil, the UV and FR additives are in both the coating and the tapes.

Exclusive Co-Extrusion Coating for Durability & Opacity
NovaShield II™with ArmorKote™ is the only polyethylene fabric on the market to offer co-extruded coating technology (giving you multiple coating layers) that produces rich colors, enhanced UV protection and true opacity. With our Co-Ex technology, Intertape is able to offer blackout fabrics in all color combinations. Clear, white, blue, green, beige, and red are the colors our covers come in.