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A fabric building has numerous advantages over a traditional metal or pole building. A YoderWay Fabric Building not only saves money on initial construction costs, but also on energy bills. Enjoy a bright, spacious atmosphere of a fabric building. A fabric building allows a vast amount of natural light to permeate the interior, creating a comfortable, sunny-day feeling which eliminates shadows and reduces energy demands.

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YoderWay Buildings designs and builds fabric buildings. Fabric buildings are excellent for warehousing and storage of hay, grain, sand, salt, boats, RVs, machinery, etc. They can be used for livestock production, sawmills, pallet manufacturing, athletic facilities, and riding arenas, and the speed of assembly makes them excellent for temporary structures in disaster recovery. Our buildings are designed to provide maximum usable space at a lower cost per square foot than traditional wood or metal buildings and our structures come in standard widths or can be customized to fit your needs.

About us

Not only are we made in America, YoderWay Buildings is located in the Juniata Valley of central Pennsylvania where we still have an old fashion work ethic. Amish and Mennonite craftsmen construct our buildings of the highest grade materials possible, including trusses of Allied Gatorshield® steel tubing and 12.5 oz. fabric. These components, along with quality workmanship and engineering, insure a building that is both attractive in price and quality. YoderWay Fabric Buildings is committed to 100% customer satisfaction, because it is our belief that a satisfied customer is the best advertisement.

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Bloomsburg Fair

The Bloomsburg Fair was started in 1854. Originally held as an agricultural exhibition located on the lower end of Second Street, the Bloomsburg Fair has grown to be the largest fair in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Usually the Fair is held on the last week of September. For more information about this event visit their web site.