Our YoderWay buildings have dozens of uses; agriculture and farming, horticulture, live stock production, hay and grain storage, greenhouses and high tunnels, composting, equine riding areas and stables, manufacturing, warehousing, machinery storage and repair, construction site covers, sports arenas, boat and RV storage, pool enclosures, gymnasiums, recreation complexes, garages, convention space, sand and salt storage, vehicle maintenance, temporary housing and more...


Traditional wood and metal structures

yoderway fabric structures

Permanent structures mean higher property taxes

Little or no property tax with a YoderWay fabric structure*

Concrete footings and foundations can more than double building costs

Can be built directly on the the ground, eliminating footings & foundation costs

Can take several months to build

Can easily build up to 5000 square foot per day

Built only on level sites, with expensive excavation costs

Can be built on sloping sites, saving $1000s on excavation and fill costs

Can not be relocated

Easy to relocate, can be taken down and moved in a matter of days

No resale value, other than scrap

Can easily be resold, recouping nearly 100% of purchase price

Many support beams and posts limit usable space

No interior supports provide maximum usable space with no obstructions

Expensive, labor intensive painting required for maintenance

Very low maintenance, no painting needed, rain keeps building looking like new

Prone to insect and rodent infestations

Insect and rodent resistant with no place for them to hide and nest

Noisy spaces with echoes that scare animals and people

Sound absorbing covers create a peaceful, relaxed environment

Buildings are hot in the summer and cold in the winter with high energy costs

Buildings stay cooler in summer & warmer in winter by about 15 to 20 degrees

Most materials used in construction can not be recycled

Covers and frames are 100% recyclable

Not environmentally friendly

Manufactured from recycled steel



Federal Funding Available to farmers and growers

Did you know that there are grants and loans available from the government that can be use to purchase YoderWay fabric buildings? Check with your local NRCS or USDA Rural Development Office for more information on these programs. Here are some of the programs that are available:

Natural Resourses Conservation Service

US Department of Agriculture

USDA's Farm Service Agency

  • 2009 Organic Initiative through NRCS's Environmental Quality Incentives Program

  • Emergency funds are available in many states to help eradicate bovine tuberculosis

  • Farm Storage Facility Loan Program

  • $59 million was made available for farms converting to or expanding organic production or farms looking to improve conservation practices

  • When infected deer feed on hay bales that are left in the field, the bovine TB bacterial remains on the hay for up to 3 months. A proactive approach to keeping cattle disease free is to store hay and feed indoors.

  • Low interest loans for producers who demonstrate a need for increased storage capacity to build or up grade farm storage and handling facilities. Loan terms and amounts vary up to $500,000.

federal tax deductions for commercial buildings*

A tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot is available to owners or designers of new or existing commercial buildings that save at least 50% of the heating and cooling energy of a building that meets ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2001. Partial deductions of up to $.60 per square foot can be taken for measures affecting any one of three building systems: the building envelope, lighting, or heating and cooling systems. These tax deductions are available for systems “placed in service” from January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2013. - From


*These are examples. It is strongly recommended to consult with a professional tax advisor to determine your eligibility for any tax savings.